Just two weeks ago, the scenes which played out in front of us were unimaginable. Shoppers fighting over toilet paper. Toilet paper. Brawls in parking lots.


We have seemingly passed through our society’s modicum of civility on the road to insanity.

Lifelong friends have been attacking each other online, defending other people who they’ve never met, and will probably never meet.

Politicians have pitted us against each other for their own short term political gain. Like when Chuck Schumer lambasted the administration a month ago for stopping flights to and from China. Then today lambasting him for not doing it soon enough.

Reporters, such as Jim Acosta, said it was racist to say the coronavirus started in China after the President did, but not before just a week earlier he tweeted an almost identical sentence. (It’s only racist when Trump says it, I guess).

This nonsense, this retreating to our ideological corners, has got to stop if we are to remain a civilized society.

I, for one, will smile a bit brighter, open doors a bit longer, and try to be a bit more understanding of my fellow Texans (and Americans). Maybe we could all do the same.


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